Now That I’ve Lost You – Paul Edwards

This book is a fantastic read. It’s a collection of short horror stories and it has everything. This is the description I read before buying the book;

“A man seeks a cure for his loneliness in the squalid back streets of Goa. A couple find solace in each other as the world comes apart at the seams. Sinister creatures besiege a small American town buried in fog. And as the dead rise from rent, yawning graves, a girl is holed up in a farmhouse with one of their own…

“In these nineteen tales of love and loss, sex and death, you will brave witches, warlocks and the living dead; traverse uncharted, hypnotic highways; and you will meet up with green-eyed losers who inhabit small spaces: whether it’s graveyards, old churches, or their own echoing heads.”

It’s a great read for bedtime or on the bus, the author is descriptive to the point you can visualize the characters and surroundings but not so much that you get bored. The stories are entertaining and I’d definately recommend them.

I’m actually not going to go into detail about the stories because I want you to read them without spoilers. I have thought hard about it though and I can tell you my two favourites;

Dead City BluesPainting Blind Circles

Paul Edwards is a very talented author and I look forward to reading more of his work.

If you’d like to buy the book for yourself you can find it on amazon on both kindle and paperback.

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One Response to Now That I’ve Lost You – Paul Edwards

  1. Paul Edwards says:

    Thanks for the great review. Really glad you enjoyed the stories. Best wishes, Paul.

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