Gated by Matt Drabble

This is a new up and coming author, on first impressions I would say he’s a Stephen King and X Files fan. Of course I don’t know that as fact, it’s in the way he writes.

Now personally, this was a bit of work to read but there is a reason for that. The description in this book is amazing, it’s like he has pulled it out of his head and right into the book. The only reason I found that hard work is I like to keep a bit of artistic license as a reader. I like books where you can imagine what you think places and people look like.

The book opens with a British couple who’s relationship is on the rocks, moving to America to try to create a new life. It’s not until a couple of chapters in that you find out the reason why the relationship is strained. Their new home is to be Eden Gardens, a gated community where crime is non-existent. The community is described as “Heaven on earth and twice as nice”.

Now this is where the X-files vibe got to me. I remember an episode of x-files where Sully and Mulder move in to a perfect neighborhood to find out what’s wrong with it.

So when they arrive at the community they meet the town manager Casper Christian and he takes them to meet some people then home to their enormous new house. The book takes us through their daily lives and how their relationship blooms. Then things get weird. People go missing, the Sheriff isn’t quite right and they couple get curious.

I don’t really want to tell you any more than that because I don’t want to spoil the book. There is a hell of a lot of description in this book, to the point where you literally know what every character is wearing. Now that’s not personally for me but it does reflect an essence of Stephen King.

I’d definitely recommend reading it, I probably wouldn’t read it again. There are unfortunately noticeable spelling/grammar errors and for me it could have been shorter than it was. It was also unbelievably familiar but I can’t place where I know the story from.

Personally not for me but 5/10 for a new writer finding his feet. I read it to the end and it is worth pushing on to find out what happens.

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