SICK (1) By Nelson Samuels

Ok.. Remember in my first post when I said any book could be good in someone’s eyes and you should always try it? Disregard that in this book’s case.

Clearly the author has written the sickest things his mind can conceive. It’s a shame that it didn’t work because, yeah, the events in the book are sick. Somehow, the writer has managed to make Exorcism, Incest, Violence, Caesarian, An oven roasted Baby, Nun Rape, A Demon, Force feeding a priest shit, and more, BORING.

He’s a terrible, horrible writer. The spelling mistakes and flitting between present and past tense are distracting and there is no feeling in his words. The subjects of this book should make you feel uncomfortable, they don’t. There is no skill here and so it just doesn’t work.

If I had handed this in at GCSE English, I would have failed.


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