Amid the Recesses by J.A Crook.

J.A Crook is a rare gem in today’s horror world. Amid the Recesses is a short story collection, but I implore you, do not do what is always tempting with those types of books. I know how tempting it is to skip through and look for the stories that catch your eye, don’t do it, these stories bend around and link together so well it’s actually really nice to read.

I began the book noting down favorite stories along the way so that I could decide on two and suggest them. As I read further through the book I realized that this is just something you can’t do that with. The book opens on a prologue which should be read in the voice of the late, great, Vincent Price. Next up you drive into Humansville, and things may not be quite as they seem, watch out for that twist!

Are you afraid of the dark? You will be after you read “Black and White”, a story about a man with ocular albinism and a

J.A Crook has wonderful description throughout the book whilst still granting the reader their artistic license, the way it’s written really puts you right in there with the story.

After you finish the stories, there are some poems, this book just keeps on giving! In this I do have a favorite “The Widow, I” It flows so easily and you can note the emotion in certain parts. If ever there was a book to buy, it’s this one.

The stories play on the reader’s fears, going through such a wide range of themes that they are bound to play on something in the back of your mind. A truly enjoyable, beautiful book that does not disappoint.

Do not miss this book! 9/10


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