Mine by Regina Puckett


I’ve just finished reading this book and it was a really nice, easy read. Regina sets the scene in an abandoned mental hospital and does a good job in expressing the feeling that someone is watching our main character, Alle.

The only thing that puts me off this book really is the use of Twitter and Facebook. I know exactly why it’s used and it does fit. I just feel it really dates your work to use those things. It’s like when you see mobile phones and things in films, it really dates it. Like if you were to read a book and read “I picked up my Nokia 51 10 and saw the screen light up” it’s kind of old and with how fast these things are progressing now you have to wonder if Twitter and Facebook will have the same effect.

I did expect the book to be longer so it was quite a nice, comfortable read. I look forward to reading more of Regina’s work.


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