Camera Five by Martyn Stratton

If you want the paranormal, you found it! Camera Five is about a Paranormal Investigation Team and the back story of the activity.

Camera Five is a fantastic read and I will admit to having to peel myself of the ceiling once or twice after the neighbour dropped something or the Chinchilla or Rabbits made some noise. Not a lot scares me but this did get creepy in parts. I think it helps that I do believe there are other entities out there.

On more than once occasion I’ve thought I smelled aftershave when I was alone in the house, or the light changed beyond a door and I’ve had to check if someone is there. Whether that is the work of a paranormal entity or my mind conjuring up Camera Five drama I could not say!

The book is also dreamily accurate, it talks about T-Rex during the back story (set in 1977) and one of our main characters comments on how he doesn’t want to listen to T-Rex because he’s still down after the death of Mark Bolan. It’s just a small thing but the fact the author bothered to put it in and use those kind of facts just made it so much more real. It’s the things real people talk about when they’re alone.

However good this book is I have to admit it has a flaw. There is the odd occasion where you get the word doubled but I think that happens in a lot of books, it doesn’t detract from the story at all and it doesn’t annoy the reader as much as say every other word spelt wrong. At the end of the day there are very few books out there with no errors at all.

I would definitely recommend this book, the author is descriptive enough to imagine you’re there whilst having the artistic license to conjure up your own image of things.

8/10 a must read! This is how paranormal is done!

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