Acetone Enema – By Nicholas Tillemans

This is a book designed to make you think about your psychology. It throws things at you and it’s actually quite interesting to gauge your own reaction. I didn’t react to much in this book, but isn’t it funny, the first mention of an animal and my instant thought was “Well that’s a bit distasteful”, it’s all distasteful, it just depends on which parts affect you and which parts don’t.

I ‘ll say right now that I enjoyed this book. Perhaps enjoyed isn’t the correct word but it’s the word I’m going with. Nicholas will guide you through a collection of short stories and poems. The stories are written in first person, male perspective. Each character has his own, sin, if you like.

What was interesting was the looks I got on the bus one day. I was enjoying my read at a particularly graphic segment of the book and I noticed a presence over my shoulder. When it came time for the presence to get off the bus I noticed it was a rather worried looking man who gave me the weirdest look ever. I like horror but I’m not a monster! It gave me a giggle anyway, teaches him not to be rude and read over people’s shoulders if nothing else!

You never know the man may now be trying to find the book! It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, nothing is, but if this book sparks your interest then try it out. Don’t stop at the first story if it seems a little odd, it did occur to me that it was a very strange story which was physically impossible to happen in real life but the twist is great! Push on and read them all, you’ll be glad you did and you may even be questioning whether you should be reading it or not, or even the shock I got; Why was it not bothering me?

I won’t spoil all the stories because it needs you to read it and have your own opinion. I personally found this book entertaining. I preferred the stories to the poems because I felt they had more depth and there is one story at the end which rather than being first person it’s told from a third person perspective. It’s written in collaboration with Mike Philbin and has been said to be the best story in the book. I disagree, I enjoyed the story but each story has its own value and interest.

My two favorites are;

Baby Hunter and The Purloined Lips of Destiny.

While we’re here I’d like to discuss another review this book got, if you’ve seen it then you’ll know what I mean. It says that the stories are carbon copies of each other, let me clear that one up, they’re not at all. Ok they’re all from a male first person perspective but each story has its own twist and its own basic plot. Saying that is like a carbon copy is like saying the author has to write from a female or an animal perspective and whilst authors have done this in the past it doesn’t necessarily suit every author. I’m a big believer in author’s doing what they’re comfortable with and maybe pushing the bar a little bit, if someone wants to write first person that’s fine by me. I actually find it a lot more personal in some books and I feel it suits this genre.

Also mentioned in that review was that the reviewer didn’t think Nicholas hates women but could see how someone may feel that from reading his books. How? I don’t understand that. Since reading his book I have spoken with Nicholas and he doesn’t seem at all violent or hateful towards anybody. An interview will shortly follow to discuss how he feels about being painted this way and his inspiration behind the book.

Please don’t ever decide what an author’s personality is like from the material he writes, yes it’s come from their imagination but I have a pretty wild imagination myself, that doesn’t make me a nasty person. Judging an author by the pages he writes is unfair, what about the many movie makers who have killed hundreds of women over the years in their films, nobody assumes they are hateful people.

The interview will follow shortly so please keep reading, this book gets a 6/10 from me.

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2 Responses to Acetone Enema – By Nicholas Tillemans

  1. I remember those two stories from The House of Pain. Nick has a wicked and perverse imagination that would leave anyone thinking what the hell is going through his mind when he was writing some of his horror material, there is none like him — he needed a vehicle for his short stories. Writing as graphic as he does about a headless woman and fucking her is a hard sell to magazines. He found a home in Chimeraworld #2. He is good but too graphic for a publication I run personally but I was going to do a Best of The House of Pain anthology but didn’t get enough people signing on.

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