The Viscount’s Son by Aderyn Wood

The Viscount’s Son is written in the style of a blog, our main character Emma is translating a book from the 16th Century and decides to post the translations on the blog for us to read.

As the book goes on it becomes a smooth, sensual ride through this unbelievable tale, I was hooked and ended up reading to the end! I loved this book. I was instantly impressed on beginning the book, the only other thing I’ve read written in a similar style was The Princess Diaries. Which whilst my eleven year old self would never agree is not exactly as entertaining as this story!

I did begin to guess a very small particle of the ending, however, I could never have guessed what happened at the end of this book. I certainly couldn’t have guess the way it was written.

A fantastic read with a twist to open your senses!


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