Madeline by Craig McGray

This is another creepy little tale by Craig McGray, having read “This Little Piggy” I am now used to the length and I quite enjoyed it. It is the perfect length for a coffee break when you’re procrastinating tidying the house, or indeed as a bedtime story.

It’s nicely written and descriptive, I think this is my favorite of what I’ve read so far from Mr McGray and I look forward to reading his novel, The Somnibus. There is an excerpt from the book at the end of both This Little Piggy and Madeline, so you have plenty of chance to check it out before buying it. I for one will be continuing to read these books.

I would definitely recommend Craig’s work and at only 77p for the kindle edition of Madeline how could you argue? Definitely worth its money and a welcome addition to any coffee break or bus ride.


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1 Response to Madeline by Craig McGray

  1. Agreed! Madeline’s a great story and perfect for readers looking to fill a short break from work. I also love the cover. Great job Craig!

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