American Scream: The Unholy Rudder – Richard Romero

So I’ll be honest, the only real reason I read the first part of this story is because I was asked to read it before Richard put it on his blog. Generally I don’t read many stories on my computer, finding it easier to focus on long pieces of writing on paper or my kindle. I really enjoyed the first part, it seemed fresh to read something where I, in all honestly, could not see the conclusion coming. I had the idea of the first installment completely wrong.

Then I got to thinking, why should I only support and review the published indie authors? So here it is, my review of The American Scream: The Unholy Rudder.

This story is written really well and Richard has kept readers intrigued by only releasing it once a week in sections. It’s a really clever idea if you think about it, many readers will start to find their attention lagging after a while and put the book down for  a while, so releasing it in parts keeps all different reading styles happy. After reading the first part of this story and realizing how very wrong I had been about what was going to happen, I found myself waiting and checking back for the second section. Each time a section ended I was willing the next part to appear and I really enjoyed how Richard kept giving us so much and snatching it away at the last minute, making us wait. Sections one and two, whilst being fantastic pieces of writing, are very much settling us into the story and setting up characters, its sections three and four that really start to feel creepy.

Our two characters, Belle and Lee are on a date and both have a secret which is not revealed to us until the very last section. Each time you think you have the idea of the story in your head, it turns out to be wrong, but it’s still fun to guess! Richard has set up the imagery beautifully and even the event designed to make you wince are written tastefully, opening up the story to a wider audience, whilst not alienating horror fans. This is a good way to write in my opinion, although I enjoy gore and horror, not every story needs it. For instance I enjoyed Acetone Enema by Nicholas Tillemans but that book is geared toward a compact audience and anybody who is, in my opinion, easily offended (many people would disagree they were easily offended) will not like it, whereas Richard has side-stepped this and opened up his style to being readable to all audiences, the only real thing they need to enjoy is good writing and a little bit of creep!

Well done Richard, I hope there are more stories to come, I for one enjoyed and recommend this story.


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