Filth by The Grumbling Gargoyle

Here is my reading of Filth by The Grumbling Gargoyle. A very entertaining blogger who can be found here; at her blog where she posts poetry, here; on her Facebook Page filled with gruesome treats and morbid tales.. and finally here; on her very awesome twitter feed.

She’s a great entertainer and full of information on the weird and wonderful to boot! I value having her around and love that she’s allowed me to do this reading of her, oh so entertaining poem “Filth”.

So! Without further ado, my tribute to the weird, the wonderful and the spook-tastic, Grumbling Gargoyle herself, Lynn Gerrard!


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1 Response to Filth by The Grumbling Gargoyle

  1. Rich Romero says:

    I think I should just hire you to read to me every day Rebbie! You should do more of these! I love them!

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