ANTics by Dakota Douglas

ANTics is a book for children years 7 plus. I struggled to decide if this book would be suitable for that age group at first because of big words like “Exuberant” “Repugnant” etc. Of course this makes the book fun for a wider age group and for parents who may be reading this to their child as a bed time story and I don’t think a young child would mind too much, it’d just be a fun name for a character.

ANTics follows an ant colony called InhabitANT and three little ants who go off on an adventure; ExuberANT (Zube), BrilliANT (Brill) and HesitANT. I found this particularly clever because it shows that the author has really put some thought into the book, matching personalities to names and even going so far as to make their surroundings work with InhabitANT and those living there OccupANTs.

I enjoyed the story and would recommend it to others. If I at twenty-two years old can enjoy the book then anybody younger certainly can! The book is well written with only a few spelling mistakes. There was an error in my copy of the book which I have had contact from the author about and she is working with smashwords to correct the error. It’s only in some of them so it may be a part of the conversion process.

At the end of the book Dakota asks her readers to put together a new ant name for the hero of the story (read to find out who!) and a newspaper article about what happened. She even starts the article to help get creative juices flowing. I think this is both commendable for an author to do, and fun for any child who has read a book. It really gets the kids involved and their minds working. I think any child would be delighted to open a book and find their ideas inside it!

Very enjoyable book by a lovely woman, I’m looking forward to reading more by Dakota Douglas.


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