Paulie by M.A Myers

I’ve just finished reading “Paulie” by M.A Myers. I only heard about this book this morning during an early morning chat with the author on my twitter account. Should anybody want to find me on there I am @rebbiereviews.

I very much enjoyed this book, it’s a short horror story following a mother as she and her family struggle to survive an unknown horror hunting them. It’s a got a great concept, nice cover art and it’s well written. There isn’t any point in this book where I thought the author didn’t know exactly where the story was going.

It puts me in mind of all those paranormal/possession films I’ve watched, where the spirit always taunts the parents and friends of the possessed, mocking them and working off of their reaction. Although it reminded me of these things it didn’t feel stolen and the story itself seems original whilst still fitting its genre. I very much enjoy these types of films and books and it’s not easy to scare me, however, I will say it would have scared my mother to death. Quite often I can see the ending when I get to between a quarter to three-quarters of the way through a book but I wasn’t expecting this. I was actually expecting it to trail off somewhere happy and fluffy if I’m honest as many people don’t seem to like keeping it gritty.

I would recommend getting this book for a short read, either on a morning when you’re refusing to leave your bed (like me!) or for on bus rides, maybe even a bed time read if you think you can handle it before bed!

The book ends with a teaser for Myers’ next book; Paulie 2. This will be a full length novel and so far it’s looking great! I will definitely be getting Paulie 2 when it comes out so stay tuned for the review!


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2 Responses to Paulie by M.A Myers

  1. Hamburger Fry says:

    I read Paulie, by, M.A. Myers and thoroughly enjoyed it!
    If you are looking for a good read to get you spooked by every little bump in the night, or shadow dancing across the wall. I HIGHLY recommend, Paulie, by, M.A. Meyers!!!
    Prepare to have your comfort zone utterly destroyed! You can pray if you want, although, it won’t help you.

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