Aberrant by Ruth Silver



I really, really loved this book! The pages are loaded with emotion from start to finish and the imagery and narrative are so strong that you can imagine yourself in every scenario.

Ruth Silver is one talented lady! With a believable concept which in all honesty doesn’t feel that far from home, our main character, Olivia, guides us through the beauty, horror and struggle, that is life in her world. The book opens with so much emotion that I was sucked in within the Prologue. This is very rare for me and I have been tempted to skip that part of a book before. The book is paced perfectly for its story and doesn’t seem to keep all of the action for the last chapter, something is always going on without a need for force.

I will admit there are some errors in the book, which I will discuss with the author soon and see if it’s something which can be fixed for future readers, but even with the errors (there’s only a couple) it doesn’t detract from the story. I still absolutely loved it! I even went up to bed and huddled under my covers to read just that little bit more! Once you pick this book up you will never want to put it down. The story will be etched into the back of your mind begging you to allow it “just another 5 minutes”.

The book is available on Kindle (as pictured above) and also as a paperback which can be found here;


You can also find Ruth on twitter @writeawaybliss or at her blog; http://writeawaybliss.com/ (sorry guys I still haven’t worked out how to add the button to my page yet!)

This absolute gem of a page turner demands your attention and rightly so! This book deserves a comfy sofa and only the very best coffee you can lay your hands on! You’re in for one hell of a ride!

I, personally am off to bully Ruth into telling me what she will be working on next as she has managed her earn herself a fan right here! I will definitely be reading more Ruth Silver books so stay tuned here for more reviews!

8/10 – Read. This. Book.

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2 Responses to Aberrant by Ruth Silver

  1. robbinsrealm says:

    Thanks to your well written review, I am interested in reading this book.

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