The Peeling – Book 1 (Jeremy’s Choice) by Iain Rob Wright.

Iain Rob Wright is an author I came across when my boyfriend and I were browsing on Amazon. We both got The Peeling Series. Since then I have heard many good things about Iain’s writing and my boyfriend has bought more books. I figure it’s time to catch him up before he becomes a bigger book-worm than me!

So, book one in the series is based on Jeremy’s experiences. The book is descriptive with great character development without getting boring with it. The way Iain describes the peeling, and what it does to people really puts the image in your mind.

I won’t go on about what happens in the book because I don’t want to spoil it for you, I would say read this book. Iain has taken the typical idea of a Zombie Apocalypse and has stretched the idea further with this horrible illness sweeping the globe. The people affected are still alive, still feeling pain. I think that is what steps this concept up from the whole zombie idea, we sugar coat zombies because they’re dead, not people anymore so it’s not a problem that they’re rotting or that we just go ahead and shoot them because they’re brain-dead. What if they could hear and feel everything?

Iain Rob Wright is definitely Mr Right for this genre!

At the end of book one, you get a segment from Samuel Lloyd Collins. This is written as a diary and he describes what he is going through as he struggles to make sense of how the virus came to be. It combines the horrific idea of The Peeling with humor and it does it really well.

I give this book 8/10

You can get the peeling as separate books, like the link at the top of this review, or as one combined book –

You can find Iain on twitter @iainrobwright on Facebook –
or at his website –


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