While You Are Sleeping (The Underworlders) By Paul M Craig.


“While You Are Sleeping” is a charming and quirky novel by London-based author, Paul M Craig. The concept is that every time something goes wrong, seems amiss or things go bump in the night, it is a cheeky team of chaos makers from another world come to take us down a peg.

Throughout the book there is never a dull moment, there’s always something going on to keep you entertained through every twist and turn of this humorous book. I wouldn’t say it’s laugh out loud comedy but it will not fail to make you smile. The book can be marketed to a range of ages from 12+ and is easily enjoyable by adults and children alike. I say 12+ because of the use of language in the book, not actual swears but things like “Farking” and “Frack”. It’s still not something you want your child piping up with in school!

All in all it’s a very enjoyable book with an amazing plot. Paul M Craig has harnessed the powers of Terry Pratchett and J R R Tolkien with this ingenious tale of fantasy, friendship and a certain precious item!

What I would say about this book is, it did feel like a long book. I do think it could have been split into two parts as I felt like I had been reading for a really long time. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it or wouldn’t recommend it, just be aware that it’s not an easy, fly through book and will take a bit of concentration to read.

I highly recommend this author and can promise that you won’t find a tale quite as quirky as this one for a while. If you’re a Pratchett fan then it could be time to try out a novel by Paul M Craig.


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