The Peeling: Book 3 (Warriors) by Iain Rob Wright.

For me, this is the best book in the Peeling series so far. Other opinions on that will differ, my boyfriend prefers book two.

In this book we are focussed on a group of soldiers who, still clinging to their humanity and compassion, are trying to help those in need. They run into hostile behaviour and later realise that it is due to the behaviour portrayed by a rogue army unit.

Iain Rob Wright has portrayed how we would react to this kind of epidemic. The hostility throughout the series first aimed at those who were sick and then turning on the healthy has been written brilliantly, the way violence started to sneak into every day life was especially realistic. As humans we fear that which we do not understand and we then have the choice of fight or flight. When everyone is falling apart around you, where do you run to?

This is a concept which is well-known to the world of film and literature and yet Iain has managed to bring it across in a unique and refreshing way. Easily one of the best series of its genre it is entertaining and believable.

Read them all! You can buy these books separately (currently 99p) or as one for £1.53. The first book is currently free if you haven’t read any of them and would like a taster. Share your thoughts and ideas and get this book out there! Not to be missed.

Here’s a link for the Trilogy;

8/10 for the full series so far!

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