The Peeling: Patient Zero by Iain Rob Wright.

Iain Rob Wright brings his Peeling Series crashing to a magnificent close with this prequel. This book is set in an underground facility and reveals the truth about the peeling. I won’t go into it too far because I don’t want to spoil the book.

Iain Rob Wright has done his research for this book and it shows, in my review of book two  I mentioned something called “Necrotizing Faciitis”, an uncommon but life threatening infection. It can affect all soft tissues; dermis, subcutaneous tissue, fascia or muscle. Terms like this come up in the book and it really makes a difference to see that research has gone into it. Especially when you’re setting your book around doctors in an underground facility.

I am very glad that Iain added this to his collection, as we know it was a trilogy but this prequel really works to bring the series to its revelation and if you’ve read the first three, you have to read this one!

So to sum up the series;

Iain is a very talented author with a fantastic imagination. He is also the kind of author that I love to support, he has so much time for his readers. And lets face it; without authors we wouldn’t have half of the inspiration we do and we’d be lacking in something to love, and similarly without readers, authors wouldn’t have purpose meaning they wouldn’t have anybody to buy their books or spread the word about their work. It’s an intricate relationship and it’s great to have that reader/author relationship.

Iain invites you to visit him on Facebook and Twitter and also has his own website; all details for social media can be found on the site.

I won’t lie, there are spelling and grammar issues throughout the single books, I’m unsure as to whether they exist in the Trilogy as I haven’t looked at that yet but it doesn’t detract from the story. The story can stand up, errors or no errors, and even though usually they irritate me when I’m reading, they aren’t the kind of errors where you have to read anything twice, you just might notice them whilst you’re reading. Although, some of the errors are just the way that people here talk, so it’s possible that it’s written in dialect.

No matter what kind of books you normally read, this series is a must read. A new angle on the zombie apocalypse theme, it’s a refreshing take on the genre and it portrays the behaviour and reactions which would be most likely to happen in a mass epidemic like The Peeling.

9/10 for the whole series.

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