Fat Vampire by Johnny B Truant


 This book gives off an irritated vibe from the get go. It talks about how Reginald is and always has been fat, bullied and seemingly in his own eyes and several characters, pathetic. He wants his money back on life, as he states several times during the read.

Maurice, our other focus of the book, begins working the night shift at the company Reginald works at, he works the night shift which slightly over laps with the day shift. He’s a Goth kid, with a sword attached to his belt. When he leaves work he leaves holding a parasol. The day shift staff talk about this during the book and Reginald even comments at some point “maybe he’s a vampire”. As the story moves on Johnny B Truant describes each of his characters in detail, without making it boring.

Todd Walker is one of the “perfect” people in the workplace. Something many of us would probably describe as “plastic”. He winds Reginald up all of the time along with the other “perfect” staff. There’s a big focus on the fat issue and it’s a running theme in the workplace.

Throughout the book there are serious points, funny points and even snippets of Vampire Clichés in the conversation. I won’t go into the actual story line as a don’t want to spoil it too much. It’s fairly clear on the basic concept and outline but the events in this book are really well written, despite a few typos. I enjoyed this book and I would recommend it. I intend to read and review the whole series, yes it’s a series! You may also be interested to learn that the idea for the series came from a conversation about whether you would want to become a vampire if you were fat. Going on the idea that you’d be fat forever. A simple conversation unless it’s soaking into the mind of an author! It’s a twist on a popular, original idea and it’s refreshing to get books that stare into the face of adversity and say “I’m doing it anyway”.

There is a bit of graphic violence in this book, nothing too extreme but it’s got a very exciting twist!

This book gets a 6/10 from me, highly enjoyable and a good way to spend an evening, on a sunny porch with a nice cold cider!

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