Dead Bastards by Jenny Thomson

 This book was well written, but I didn’t really care for it personally. I know people who have read it and thoroughly enjoyed it, which is great, but it just isn’t for me.

The problem with Zombies nowadays is that it’s been done. All the films and books are pretty much the same old thing. They go through the same clichés and it’s getting a little bit boring now. I personally love zombies so it’s not that. I very much enjoyed the older zombie films and I do enjoy books when they separate themselves from the bunch and try to be a little bit different. This one, for me, doesn’t really stand out in a crowd.

It’s OK to pass on a train journey and I decided to start it on the journey home from my holiday in Scotland.

The book sets out with my pet hate. It dates itself. It really dates itself, several times before we reach the 3% mark. Now, some people see this as making a story more believable but to me it limits the life span. The fact that it names a prime minister and mentions political events it just puts it into the past for me and it’s just something I hate to see. As you may have noticed in past reviews, my dislike of this is a running theme with mentions of social media and things.

As with a lot of zombie media we have the first victim of the infection, the best friend, followed by the discovery that mobile phones, landlines and internet are all down. Then there’s the mad dash to check on friends and family.. it’s just a bit same-y.

The further you get in this book the more obvious it gets and I don’t really like that, it’s not my thing. I like twists and turns and an author who likes to play your emotions. There’s nothing really horrific about something that’s already been done.

I wouldn’t personally recommend it but if it’s something that jumps out at you, it’s pretty well written, a fair amount of typos but not unreadable and nothing that noticeable really it’s just things like stupidity rather than stupidly and Doyle’s rather Doyle. Again, not that big a deal.


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