The Coming of Derek – by A J Carpenter

I picked up The Coming of Derek (A quirky laugh out loud comedy) because it was cheap and because it was something I’d never read in a million years. Since I’ve been doing Rebbie Reviews I’ve been trying to branch out a bit more.

I absolutely loved it, it is everything it promises to be and the best thing about it for me was the point of view it comes from. Rather than the usual girly jabber it isn’t just going to say “all men are worthless, women rock blah, blah”. It is centred around Derek, a 30 something with no romantic prospects and throughout the book we see Derek grow and his comedic rendezvous with the opposite sex. I have never heard some of the descriptions in this book and if you don’t buy it for anything else, buy it for what happens in the last chapter, I nearly drowned my kindle in coffee!

It’s a funny, charming and somewhat dirty book and it really was worth the money. I’m even thinking about buying it in paperback as a present this Christmas. There are a few spelling errors in the book but it’s that good that you don’t really care. The one that really got me was using “too” instead of “to”, that is particularly annoying to me.

I’d very much like to see more from this author so you can look forward to seeing more A J Carpenter on this blog and I hope you’ll give it a try because “The Coming of Derek” is everything it promises to be and more.


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