Interview with Jaimie Admans, Author of Not Pretty Enough

Image of Jaimie Admans

Welcome to my interview with Jaimie Admans, author of Not Pretty Enough. 

Many thanks to Jaimie for her time and also to Dianne of “Oops I Read a Book Again” for putting me in touch with her.

What/who first inspired you to write?

I think I was ten when I read my first Judy Blume book, and twelve when I read a Judy Blume book that I really connected with. It was like she had written Tiger Eyes about me. I had never read anything that meant so much to me or affected me so deeply, and from then on, I wanted to be able to do the same. I wanted to write stories that would one day mean as much to other people as hers had to me.

Do you have a favourite author?

I always say Judy Blume, because it was her books that got me started on writing, and meant so much to me when I was a teenager, but I also love all the authors I grew up reading, like Enid Blyton and Virginia Andrews. These days, I love Sophie Kinsella, she’s a brilliant chick-lit writer, and Meg Cabot is equally good at adult and young adult books. Anything they release is an insta-buy for me!

What’s your favourite book?

Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume. I was twelve when I got it and must have read it about a hundred times. I still have the same battered, tear-stained, dog-eared copy on my bookshelf now! It was the first time I really connected with a book. As I said above, it was truly like Judy had written it about me, and it helped me through a tough time. I’ve read hundreds of books that I love and re-read time and time again, and that have mattered to me in some way, but Tiger Eyes was the first, and I’d still consider it my absolute favourite book.

What gave you the inspiration to write Not Pretty Enough?

It was definitely inspired by real life and the crush I had on a boy in school!

I thought it was something that most people would have been through and might relate to. It’s certainly something that I went through when I was a teenager – being madly in love with a boy who doesn’t even know your name – and I thought it would make a funny novel as the main character gets more and more desperate for this boy to notice her.

 What do you feel is the most important aspect of a book?

It’s quite a hard thing to pin down, because I think it can vary from book to book. What makes one book good wouldn’t work for another book. Personally, I like characters that I can relate to, an interesting plot helps too, but it’s not enough if I don’t care about the characters, they have to be the most important thing for me, then you are behind them on the journey they are going on, no matter what it is!

Are you working on anything at the moment, if so what can you tell us about it?

My only project at the moment is editing my next book – it’s a YA Christmas romantic comedy called North Pole Reform School, and it will be out on November 6th! I’m really excited about it!

Do you have any words for aspiring authors?

Unplug the internet cable! It might sound like a bit of a joke, but it really helps if you’re struggling to concentrate or procrastinating. It really helps to just switch off the router or whatever you use, and forbid yourself from putting it back on until you’ve hit a certain word count or a certain amount of time has passed.

The other thing would be – don’t give up! There will always be rejections and bad reviews and people who will hate your books and tell you you’re not a proper writer, but you have to learn to ignore them. If you love writing, and you have stories that want to be written, just keep writing.

 I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about Jaimie, I certainly have. I will also now be waiting for her newest upcoming release, “North Pole Reform School” to add to my ever-growing pile of books!

You can find more about Jaimie on her website:

Please check out Dianne’s blog:

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One Response to Interview with Jaimie Admans, Author of Not Pretty Enough

  1. Jaimie says:

    Thank you for having me again! They were great questions, I really enjoyed answering them! 😀

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