New Release: The Vikings Apprentice II – The Master’s Revenge by Kevin McLeod

Kevin McLeod’s second book, The Master’s Revenge has now been released. I haven’t read it yet but it is on my pile to read and I can’t wait! Here is the cover;

The Master’s plan has been foiled, her army weakened, but her resolve hardened. The Master returns to Campbell’s Cove to get revenge on those who thwarted her plans. She has Tolldruck and the fearless Shifter at her side. After saving the children of the Cove Peter and George once again face danger. Together with Peter’s Granddad, and the guardians, they must battle evil once more. Will they succeed or will the Master have her revenge? The Master’s Revenge is book 2 in The Viking’s Apprentice series. The Viking’s Apprentice reached number 1 in Canada and number 2 in America (Amazon kindle genre). For children from 8 upwards this fantasy adventure series will ignite their imaginations, and keep them turning page after page.

The review will be published as soon as I’ve read the book! You can get yours at amazon in Paperback for £9.14 or on Kindle for £2.99.

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