Doubt Volume 1 by Yoshiki Tonogai

This is the first book of the Doubt series. I currently have book two on it’s way through the post to me.

I absolutely love this Manga, it’s everything I could ask for and reminds me a little of the Saw films.

That doesn’t do this manga any justice at all to be honest but I did enjoy the concept of Saw and so far it’s a little bit like Doubt.
The characters in this Manga are nicely developed, letting us know as much as we need to about the people. They are all players of a hit Japanese game called Rabbit Doubt, the idea of the game is to find the wolf amongst the rabbits, the liar if you like. So a group of players decide to meet up with each other and this is where our story begins. They are each identified by the Rabbit Doubt merchandise they carry, in most cases a mobile phone charm. That’s when things go bad.

They all wake up in an abandoned building with a bar code printed on their skin. Now they have to play to find the liar and the reason they’re all there. I won’t go any further into the story because I want you to read it, it’s fantastic and frustrating at the same time. The book gives a little and then pulls back, keeping you guessing all of the time.

I really cannot wait for book two to arrive!

By the way, there are also Rabbit Doubt forums and facebook pages, so other people are clearly impressed with it too! If you get this manga and love it, you can play the game online on one of the forums! Also, if you look hard enough you’ll find merchandise, it’s not obviously available but seek and ye shall find.

If you’d like to buy the book you can find it here;


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