Promoting Matt Davis and the Grey Days Series.

“Evil books…Ancient powers…Zombie pigs? 

Thomas Grey, reclusive curmudgeon and mage, is having a terrible day. 

After a run-in with some less than desirable cultists that worshipped a dimension devouring cockroach god, he’s a little down on his luck and facing a criminally overdue electrical bill. So when he’s offered a job by the supernatural overlord of the sleepy little cow-town of Hanford to find a book, and get paid with real money, he just can’t refuse. It’s a book, how bad could it be? 

Unfortunately, it just happens to be an ancient book of world-shattering power that any mad cultist or evil wizard would sell their mothers to get a chance at, and Thomas finds himself in the middle of a wild conspiracy to recover the book and awaken a monstrous cosmic evil hell-bent on devouring reality as we know it. 

Aided by his ageing, spell-slinging mentor Hack and his best friend Swift, who may or may not be an angel of death, it is up to Thomas to find the book, save the world, and collect a check before his power gets shut off. Well, and try not to die in the process, of course. 

Looks like it might have been a bad day to have gotten out of bed, but a guy has to get paid.”

Run the Day is currently available on amazon at only 77p for the kindle version;

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