The Secret Circle of Imaginary Friends by Mike Jeavons

This is the first book by Mike Jeavons, better known as Mike J, the quirky British man starring on That Guy With The Glasses.

 I have watched Mike’s videos for some time now so imagine my surprise and excitement when I realised he’d brought out a book. I will say, this story has potential.

 I do think the story could do with being revamped a little. It would be better written for an older audience and would give Mike license to make it creepier and really try to scare his readers. This story just seems like a great idea which has been dumbed down for a younger audience. I don’t know what it is about the imaginary friend idea but I find it has potential in the horror genre. All of the characters could stay the same, even with the description of the creatures in this book, it would all fit into a scary story.

 All in all the story is a good one, there is good character development as well as a reasonable amount of action. I find that the pacing could be a little better, but that can be worked out in future books Mike brings out. I don’t think there are many writers who haven’t had that said about at least one book. The other thing is grammar. I try not to cling to things like extra spaces or typos but in this book, every time someone asks a question it is followed by “said [character]” this annoys me. You don’t say a question, you ask it. That, to be honest, is my major gripe with the book, along with the fact I couldn’t quite place the target audience. The book seems to get more grown up as it proceeds and sometimes the children’s speech suggests they’re older than they are.

 Considering this is Mike’s first book, that’s pretty good going. I hope Mike will continue writing but I think I’d like to see a grown up horror from him. Only time will tell!


 You can contact Mike on twitter @TheOnlyMikeJ or at his website keep an eye on the blog for my interview with Mike coming soon!

 If you want to buy the book you can find it here;

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