Isaura Release Day Blitz!

Welcome to the book blitz for Isaura, the third book in the Aberrant Series. Here I will be reviewing the book but others have much more in store for you so make sure you make the most of all the blogs involved 🙂

Photo: It's the Isaura Release Day Blitz!

Having been a part of blog tours since the beginning of the Aberrant series I have very much enjoyed both Aberrant and Moirai. I was interested to see where Ruth would take the story in the last instalment and I can’t say I was disappointed. What I will say is I wish there were four books in the series.

The reason for this being that there are lots of events described in Isaura and I’d have liked to spend a little more time on them. For example, you’ll know that the last book finished with the disappearance of one of our lead characters, Joshua. This is a big deal and it felt a little bit skipped over to make space for the main event of the book. Even so it’s brilliantly written as were the other two books.

Ruth definitely has a talent for grabbing her readers and dragging them into the very pages they’re reading. Throughout this series my stomach has flopped a good few times and I’ve found myself smiling when plans have gone well. This series is the first I’ve read based on a Dystopian future but it has put me in mind of Joss Whedon’s Firefly series and Escape from Frog Town (1998), so picturing the Gravelands and some of the events have been easy, especially considering the way Ruth writes and describes the people and places whilst leaving the reader in the driving seat.

It’s always a shame when you reach the end of the series but this book brings everything together, it’s action packed and will keep you reading until every page is turned.

7/10 – I can’t wait for the next Ruth Silver adventure!

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