MK Schiller’s, “A Girl By Any Other Name” Blog Tour


Welcome to the “A Girl By Any Other Name” Blog Tour. I have a great trailer for this book but unfortunately it wouldn’t upload to the blog. Fear not! I’ve found a way around that!

Now, on with the review;


A Girl by Any Other Name is a heartbreaking romance set in a small Texan town, Prairie Marsh. Our main characters, Caleb Tanner and Sylvie Cranston, go through childhood together and become strong friends until one fateful night when Cal’s world is turned upside down..

You’ll have to read the book for any more of the storyline as I don’t want to put out spoilers. It is well worth the read and the story even made me well up at one point! Anybody who knows me will tell you that I don’t cry at films/books, so that’s quite an achievement!

MK Schiller has taken a chance with the book, referencing Edgar Allen Poe. It’s refreshing to have such an intelligent reference in a modern book. There are a lot of people my age and younger who have no idea who Poe was or what he wrote. Personally I like him and

 I love that he has a mention in this book! There are also two mentions of Facebook in the book, which I don’t love, but I won’t go in to that right now.

The only thing I didn’t really like about the book is the erotic element. The story just really didn’t need the back up from erotica, it was strong and gripping novel to begin with. Unfortunately the erotica just seemed to appear in the middle of the book. That may just be me, not being a massive erotica fan, I’m sure I don’t appreciate it as much as some people do. However my personal opinion is that the book would have stood up just fine without it and MK Schiller’s writing is strong enough not to need to lean on sex to fill the pages.

Read it, this story is not to be missed! You can make up your own mind about the erotica!

You can buy the book here;

Kindle Price: £2.45

Paperback: £7.97

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