The Unwashed Dead by Ian Woodhead

Unwashed Dead

In this refreshingly British novel, Ian Woodhead welcomes us to Breakspear, a council estate in Bradford which is notorious for its thugs and robberies. Somehow he manages to make a completely unlikable character interesting, which is a challenge! It’s nice to snigger over certain phrases which can be considered crude but are very British, our friends across the pond may not understand a lot of this book!

Unfortunately, there are so many zombie books and films that it is quite an over saturated genre. For me this made it somewhat difficult to stay interested, not because of Ian’s writing but because it’s very difficult to find things in the zombie genre which have not been done already.

Other than that this is a good story and it’s loaded with quick lines to make you smile, along with good descriptive narration and a reference to a certain zombie movie which I’m sure anybody reading this genre will pick up on.

The only thing for me is that I didn’t feel the danger, I wasn’t particularly heart-broken when characters were killed and it didn’t feel threatening when they were put in to situations. That is probably just me though and I will say that each situation described was interesting.

At the end of the book Ian has very kindly put in a note to say thank you for reading and if possible please leave a review, and he’s also provided the first two chapters of the next book; Walking with Zombies. Even with my comments above about not feeling the threat when reading this, the second book has hooked me in!

Ian Woodhead is a talented author with a range of books available to try out, please visit his Amazon Author page for more information;

You can buy The Unwashed Dead (Book 1 in the Zombie Armageddon Series) for £1.83 on Kindle here;

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