The Peeling Book 4: The Lights by Iain Rob Wright.

The Peeling Book 4

As you may have noticed from previous reviews, I really like The Peeling series. In fact, I own a signed copy of The Peeling Trilogy and Iain Rob Wright is amongst my favourite authors.

So, this is a bit awkward! I didn’t like this book.. I didn’t feel it added to the story in any way. For me, The Peeling will always be a four book story (Patient Zero and Books 1 to 3) I’m unsure why this new direction was taken or whether it was planned out all along but I didn’t really like it

All of the books have been directed at a skin peeling disease and they’ve all been pretty gritty for short stories. This one is definitely the weakest of the series. The characters don’t feel as deep and the story doesn’t seem necessary. I understand that the series needed an ending but I don’t think this was the way to do it.

That’s not to say nobody will like it, by all means, buy the book and give it a go. It’s a nice short read and if you’ve invested in the rest of the books it’s worth finishing them off, but for me personally the series didn’t need this book.

You can get the book on Kindle or Paperback at Amazon;

You can also get the other books for a very low price and the others are well worth it! Please read them!

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