The Torture of Girth by Nicholas Tillemans

TTOG Final Front Cover

The Torture of Girth is definitely the strangest book I’ve read since.. well.. since Nick’s last book! Acetone Enema.

Some of you may remember my review of Acetone Enema, if not and you’d like to have a read here it is:

So, The Torture of Girth is a pretty complex book, there’s always something going on but it’s written in a fairly simple way, almost like stage direction. I was unsure about the writing style at first but it grew on me. I think because of the amount of characters in the book, this style makes it easier to follow.

This is Nick’s first full length novel, so I was unsure about how well it would work out. This story does fill enough pages to make a full novel and it doesn’t feel strained. I defy you to describe this story to your friends without getting strange looks! Let me tell you a little bit about this story;

Imagine living in not only a Gated Community, but a Gated City! This is a place where there are no newcomers, nobody gets in and nobody gets out, most importantly, nobody talks about it. You go through the same mundane existence day after day.. and then things get weird..

There is something strange going on in this town and you’re invited to join the ride, this is a ride I suggest going on! Just to let you know Nick is in the market to be extreme so if you’re easily upset then you might want to approach with caution.

I don’t want to say much else about the storyline because whilst there is so much to tell, it’s better reading it without a clue what’s coming next. Please give this book a go, it’s Nicholas Tillemans’ first full length novel and I’m sure he’d love everybody’s support.

Here is my interview with Nick from just after I had reviewed, and read reviews on his short story collection, I hope you enjoy getting to know him.

I can’t wait to see more from this growing author, no matter how much I enjoy a book I always think there are opportunities to improve from book to book and I really want to see what more this author can do. So if you’re reading Nick, the challenge is on!

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