Gated II: Ravenhill Academy by Matt Drabble

Gated II Ravenhill Academy

Some of you may have seen my review of the first Gated book, if not, and you haven’t read book one, go read it!

Now, I said some things in my first review and I’m pleased to say they do not apply to book two in the slightest!

Book one was a little much for me with over-description and a bit too much filler. I struggled to keep my attention on it and due to that, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have. It was still enjoyable but it reeked of a Steven King fan.

I am happy to say Matt Drabble is the kind of author who listens to his reviewers, talks to them and builds on the information they give him. He’s still a relatively new author but he sees what people want and he gets on board with it. Gated II is slightly faster paced, interesting in it’s description and actually the imagery really works well! I think everyone has their own Ravenhill Academy image, either from a building they’ve seen as a child or in a film.

Each character is lovingly nurtured and you will find yourself worrying about them in their various situations. Whilst some of the characters are the unlikeable types, you still find yourself rooting for them and hoping for the best outcome.

As much as I enjoyed the book, it could have been scarier, the story has the potential to be scary but I kind of like the way it is. It’s suitable for young teens and adults whilst still being nasty enough to be horror. I like the idea of it and it really hooks you in towards the end.

Personally I’m impressed, I want to see more from Matt Drabble and I really hope he carries on the way he’s going. This book shows improvement and a growing confidence and as soon as he finds his feet there may be no stopping him! Come on Matt, show us what you’ve got!

If you’d like to buy the book, you can do so on on the following links;

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