Flaming Grill – Waggon & Horses at Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, UK.

Waggon and Horses is a nice little pub along Abbeydale Road in Sheffield. They are a Flaming Grill franchise, so they specialise in burgers & steaks. I’ve been three times and I would go again.

The first time I went the service was great, the staff were friendly and smiley and the food was brought to the table quickly. This was on a Sunday. We had burgers which I would recommend, the one I had was;  the Chilli Burger, you can double this burger up if you like, but I would say that one burger is plenty for this dish. You get to choose how hot you want your sauce and it comes on a Chilli shaped wooden board. The burger includes; Flame-grilled 6oz* beef burger topped with cheese and pulled pork.

The second time I went on a Saturday and whilst the staff were still friendly and were clearly doing their best I got the feeling that the management hadn’t set enough staff on for the day. The food took quite a while to arrive and the onion rings were slightly under cooked.

On my third visit I had a gorgeous 10oz boneless Ribeye steak cooked rare and topped with peppercorn mushrooms. This meal was absolutely lovely. The meat tasted excellent and although the steak wasn’t quite as rare as I would cook it, it was very tender. Upon arrival of the food we were told that if things weren’t quite cooked how we liked we could send it back – like I said, not as rare as I usually like it but I would not have dreamed of sending it back because it was delicious! Had it been any more cooked I’d have probably mentioned it.

It’s definitely a nice place to try, the staff are lovely, there is one bar man in particular who is more than happy to chat whilst pulling your pint, props to Tom (long hair and beard) for the at-the-bar entertainment. It makes all the difference when the staff want to talk to you!



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