The Tipping Point by Walter Danley

Tipping Point, The final 2000 X 3000

The Tipping Point is a novel centred around a Real Estate Firm called CapVest. This is a story of Friendship, Success and Deceit, I’m sure that Mr Danley’s background in real estate helps to provide a believable yet captivating set of events.

Now, generally I can work out what is going to happen in these kind of stories, but I would not have expected the person at the heart of this mystery to be the person it is! I had someone else pegged for around 80% of the book!

At the beginning of the book Mr Danley sets up the story and introduces us to all of the characters, I especially like authors who really nurture their characters, it shows a respect for the story and it means that by the time things start to really happen you feel like you know everyone.

Throughout the book, as in life, you will witness people changing either for better or worse. I think this is what really makes this book captivating, you’ve witnessed events in the characters’ lives and who they’ve grown to be by the end of the book. I don’t want to give any spoilers and make people think they’ve read the review, so they don’t need to read the book!

What I will say is if you are interested in thriller, crime or mystery books you should definitely read this book, it has a little bit of everything for a wide audience. I normally avoid books which I think are going to be about real estate or other business type things, but this is so much more than that. This is a Crime Thriller and deserves every reader it gets. I will admit, I wasn’t completely sure as it took me over a week to read the first 50% (I’ve been painting my house & building furniture) but it took me only two days to read the other half and I was hooked!

If I had to choose a favourite character I think it would have to be Garth Wainwright, he is a brilliantly well-rounded character showing a caring, romantic side as well as a fantastic business ethic, and he’s not above trying out the heroics!

I will definitely be reading the sequel of this book when it comes out and will be investigating more work by Walter Danley, he is a very talented author and I love how he brings his characters to life.

You can get the book here;

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