Feast – Hereford Street, Sheffield.


Welcome to Rebbie Reviews’ Cafe Review! know you’ll be used to me reviewing books but lets face it, in order to enjoy a good book you are going to need a good coffee! Whilst you’re there you may as well pick up some lunch.

This is Feast, a small coffee shop/café chain in Sheffield with three shops;

  • Hereford Street

  • Queen Street

  • Chapel Walk

This review will be looking at the Hereford Street Shop.

I can whole heartedly recommend this shop, the staff are always happy to see you and ready to help. If you’re unsure about what you want they are happy to suggest something but will never push you into buying something you may not be happy with. I’ve tried a few different things in there and can make a few recommendations.

They have a whole range of delicious drinks and foods, you can even specify how many shots you want in your coffee! I’ve tried a few things and my recommendations are as follows;

Coffee: Gingerbread/Hazelnut Latte.

Sandwiches: Peri Peri Chicken/Wensley Dale and Chutney

Bagel: Tuna Kick

Salad: Chicken & Bacon Layered Salad

Cake: Carrot Cake.

If you really want a treat try the hot chocolate and marshmallows! A bit sweet but still lovely and very indulgent.

All of the food is lovely, it tastes fresh and the salads are filling! The shop itself is clean and fresh and the fridges are spotless every morning.

full fridge

I mentioned before about the staff, to me, staff are very important. They are the ones greeting your customers, making the food and serving the drinks. If they do anything wrong or slack in their duties they may lose customers or get complaints. They have a very important, and as someone who has worked in the food industry before, sometimes very stressful job.

It’s refreshing to go into a shop for a coffee or some food and be smiled at genuinely. To be chatted to and remembered the next time you go in.

If you’re looking for a place where customer service is second to none and a friendly smile is always waiting for you, try Feast.

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