Day 3 ARW Week – Review of 314 Book 2

 After finishing 314 book one I was ready and raring to go with the story of Widowsfield and set about reading book two immediately. The second book is written in a slightly different style, still jumping between years but with a diary entry at the beginning of each chapter. These entries are written by someone clearly familiar with Widowsfield but the person is not introduced. I liked that, it added a bit of an eerie vibe to each chapter, not that this story needs any help to be eerie!

Now, as you’ll have read in my review of book one, this story did freak me out a little, and that’s not easy to do, so kudos to A R Wise! Everyone I’ve described this book to has commented on how things don’t normally get to me, so clearly it’s very well written. So.. how could this story be any creepier? Try having a nosebleed right in the middle of reading it!

In this book A R Wise introduces some new characters, and a new time frame. So now you get to contend with three time frames and not just two! No matter how complicated that sounds, it really makes the story come to life. The events in this book, whilst not as scary as the first set of events within this trilogy really explain what we learned in book one. We get a much more in depth look into the world of Widowsfield and The Skeleton Man. Some of the things in the book seem obvious, others do not reveal themselves until later on, and how do you know what’s real?

The book is set up to make us feel like we’re going around in circles, spinning in a never-ending spiral of hatred, pain and confusion. The imagery is so real you can picture the town and the people as you read. I think this is what makes it so unsettling, it’s like you can feel the conflict that the characters are feeling.

Next up, book three of the Widowsfield Trilogy, so if you haven’t read these books yet it’s a good time to start! I definitely recommend these books to any horror fan. Even if you’re unsure about what I’ve said so far, please read the books and make up your own mind on them. Different parts of the 314 experience will stick with you and you’ll take your own opinion from it. Book one is free so if you’re unsure then read that first and then tell me you’re not interested.. I bet you can’t!

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