ARW Week Day 4 – Review of 314 Book 3

skeleton man banner

I’ve come to the end of my Widowsfield adventure having read all three books in a row. Whilst I may now never be free of the Watcher’s grasp.. I would definitely recommend doing the same if you have enough patience to read a whole trilogy straight through. For me at least, there was no choice involved, I had to see what would happen to the characters and what A R Wise had in store for me in the next book.

We all know that feeling of “just one more page..ok chapter..” well for me it was “just one more page..ok chapter… ok book!”

The 314 trilogy is filled with creepy lines such as “The Skeleton Man’s here, and he taught me how to hate” but Wise doesn’t stop there with creepy and creepier events as we plunge in to the third and final book….

In this book more information is revealed about the Widowsfield mystery. We meet some more characters and gain some clarity about what exactly was going on which caused the “event” as it is named by the members of Cada EIB. I absolutely loved reading more about the company and I love how the name of the company was made. Wise has absolutely packed the trilogy with little nods about what may, or may not be going on. He winds us around his little finger as we leap through time, learning more truths and getting trapped in the lies of the Watcher. However, Wise hasn’t fallen in to the trap that many authors do, he hasn’t completely explained himself in his final book and unlike some trilogies reading the last chapters isn’t an arduous task, we’re not just reading it because we can’t read two and a half books.. we’re reading it because like the cast of this book, we need to find our way out of Widowsfield!

I really cannot say enough about this trilogy, I don’t want to spoil it though so I’m going to refrain from covering any of the events involved. I am a fairly hardened horror fan and I was hooked from the very first chapter of book one. The Skeleton Man unnerved me from the get-go and the more I read the more a morbid desire pushed me to delve deeper and deeper into the web of lies. This book is jam packed with pain and horror whilst also promoting a tale of love and devotion, it is definitely my favourite of all of the stories I’ve read so far.

Massive recommendations to A R Wise after reading this trilogy, I will definitely be reading more of his work. I also recommend to readers to read the Author’s Note. There are a great many people who will happy close the book when it says “The End” but please, read the notes in each of the three books.

You can get all three of these books on and the first one is free so even if you’re unsure that this story is for you, it’s not going to hurt to take it for a spin.. once you’re on this ride, I promise you will be on it to the end.

And remember…. they’re watching..

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