A Thousand Fiendish Angels by J F Penn

fiendish angels

A Thousand Fiendish Angels was suggested to me by my boyfriend. It is a trio of short stories which are linked together. I found them really easy reading. They’re not too long but they have everything you need. The imagery is fantastic, you can really imagine the surroundings when you’re reading the book.

It’s a perfect read for those who don’t read too often, people who like to read on the bus, or just a bit of wind down time before bed.

The stories are inspired by Dante’s Inferno and in fact first came about due to Dan Brown’s book “Inferno” being released. I was unaware of this, but apparently there was a competition around the time of the release and these stories were sent in for that. At the end of the book the Author comments on this and also goes through his reasoning for writing the stories, what inspired each story and also the symbolism behind them.

So, they are well written, to the point whilst still having the imagery involved and I really enjoyed them. I would definitely recommend these to anybody whether you like to read a lot or not. The stories are quite short and it’s not a massive commitment like some books can be.

At the end of the book there is also an excerpt from J.F. Penn’s book “Desecration” which does look pretty good!

You can get the book here;


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