Winner of the Ashes by Amy Keen Competition

We’ve had lots of great submissions for the competition to win a signed book by Amy Keen and the winner has now been chosen!

And the winner is….

Jaja from Philippines!

“Honestly, I am a ‘late bloomer’ when it comes to reading books. I have just started reading a year ago. Before that, I thought reading books was just a waste of time, and money. But since I’ve started reading my first book (a novel to be specific), I WAS HOOKED AS HELL. ❤ From that time, I can’t get over easily with the ‘feels’ I had after finishing books. Some made me cry a river, some made me thought of the deeper meaning of life. Also, seeing some movie adaptations from a book is totally LAME. I mean, almost all movie adaptations from a book comes out like the producers ripped half off the pages from the books. Hahaha. That’s why it is WAY BETTER to read the books.
Also, I love to read because I believe that knowledge is indeed power. Books are also the best weapons in the world. I love to keep improving my vocabulary and writing skills by means of reading. And sometimes, when I’m down, I’m using books as my refuge from reality. I love diverting my reality into the world of imagination. I’m attached and hooked to every fictional character I love. We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too.”


Congratulations Jaja, you’ll be receiving your special gift in the post soon and me and Amy really hope you like it 🙂


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