Landmark Buffet – George Street, Sheffield.

As a treat on a rare family gathering we decided to try Landmark, a Chinese Buffet in the centre of Sheffield, I will not be re-visiting that particular experience.

Upon entering the premises we were not guided to a table but told to walk to the back of the restaurant where another member of staff seated us, asked us for our drinks order and told us to help ourselves to the buffet.

One of the first things I noticed was that some of the plates were chipped, I realise that these things happen in busy restaurants but I’ve never seen a chipped plate given out. The next thing I found was that the serving tongues provided were covered in a very sticky sauce which I ended up wearing on my hands. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know it’s self serve and people are helping themselves but would it hurt for the staff to periodically wipe the utensils?

Many of the labels did not match the foods so much of the time I was guessing what I was picking up, which makes me glad I will eat most foods! I must admit however that all of the food did look good. Whilst I was making my selection a member of staff emptied a fresh container of food on top of the food in an old container, leaving the older, colder food sitting in the bottom of the container.

Back at the table I tasted my “coca-cola” which was much sweeter and flatter than any I have previously tasted, and progressed to eat my meal. This was when I realised that the calibre of customers was slightly different to anywhere else I had eaten.. there was a group of men in the corner, clearly drunk, singing “Charlie was a Pigeon” at the top of their voices. Nobody at any point during my time in the building challenged them about this behaviour. Not only have I never behaved in such a way in a restaurant, even as a very small child, but I know the correct lyrics to “Charlie was a Pigeon” and would at least get it right.

The food was sub-par unfortunately, everything was either too salty, too sweet or too greasy and nothing was particularly hot.

We went to get a second helping of food so that we could try everything, and as an all-you-can-eat it’s only right to do so. I didn’t get very far through mine before I found a hair sticking out of a piece of crispy chicken, I pulled the hair expecting it to be a short chicken feather-type hair and found that actually it was a nice long human hair! At this point we decided to speak to the staff about our experience.

We were informed by staff that it is a self service food area and as a result, numerous people have helped themselves and the hair could belong to anybody. This.. didn’t make me feel better.

At no restaurant, whether self service or waited on, have I ever found a hair in my food. Don’t get me wrong, I understood the waiter’s point. You have many people helping themselves and waving their heads around, it is possible that a hair might end up in the food. It’s just not the best attitude to take when reassuring a customer.

Next up, the toilets. Well, we told a member of staff to go look at them. I think we’ll leave it at that..

In the end we left the restaurant without eating anything else, we got 50% off the bill and another statement of “You’re not the first people who have found hair in our food”

On that note, I think I’ll go elsewhere next time! The staff were nice, but the food wasn’t worth the price.

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