The Crosspool Tavern, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.


Not being from a particularly wealthy family, meals out were generally for special occasions when I was growing up. The Crosspool Tavern was a nearby pub where I have spent a fair few birthdays enjoying a Carvery.

Unfortunately the pub started to go a little down hill at one point with the veg seeming to be dry and the general quality of the meal didn’t seem to be as good, and we started to visit Toby Carveries instead.

Recently we revisited the old favourite for a Father’s Day carvery and I am very pleased to report that the place seems to have got it’s spark back! The meats were lovely and even the Turkey wasn’t dry, the vegetables were lovely and the gentleman who served us was lovely and even chatted to us whilst serving us, this is a trait I have to say I haven’t noticed before in this pub.

The meal was hot and delicious and we accompanied it with a pint of Bombardier for the late Rik Mayall.

I would definitely recommend the Crosspool Tavern for a Carvery and if you’re a visitor to Sheffield it sits close to some beautiful countryside which should not be missed.

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