Invisible Children’s Book Instruction Manual by Nicholas Tillemans

Invisible Childrens Book Instruction Manual

I first discovered the work of Nicholas Tillemans with his collection of short stories, Acetone Enema. Mr Tillemans writes unique and quirky stories, seemingly with ease and his mind truly seems to be a dark and twisted place with characters being born and culled on a daily basis. The darkness inside Mr Tillemans drifts onto the pages of his books and fills our minds with the gift of gore-filled dreams.

So it’s refreshing to see something completely out of the ordinary (or, in the ordinary, I suppose!) Mr Tillemans has now given us an instruction manual for the most elusive of bedtime stories. He has given us a way to read the fabled invisible children’s book!

Seriously though, this book is a really nice idea and it really gives Nick Tillemans a chance to show his softer side. Nick has really taken some criticism for the type of writing he puts out on the market and this is a nice way to see that he’s a really lovely family man who spends time with his son – something which cannot be said of that many parents anymore, sadly.

It’s a great way for adults to have a quick and enjoyable read and learn something to do with their child, why read a bog standard visible book when you can delight your child with an invisible one?! Your child will be seriously impressed with the idea that his/her parents can tell a story they can’t see and it gives you a bit of special bonding time in your busy day.

If you’d like to give the book a go you can get it here;

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