Jury’s Inn – Nottingham

Jury's Inn 9th Floor


I’ve stayed at the Jury’s Inn in Nottingham twice now, the first time I wasn’t all that impressed, but I think that was partly because I was away from home and missing it a bit. There wasn’t a problem as such, I just didn’t find it a very friendly place and the whole feel of the room and the hotel lobby was very corporate.

The second time I stayed there I was much happier! I really felt like they were pleased to see me when I checked in, I was on the ninth floor and on a part of the corridor which was really quiet and the view from my room was lovely, I was watching swans swimming in the river at 6am and it was beautiful. My room was gorgeous, a nice amount of space, a shower over bathtub rather than a cubicle and it was really cosy.

My only real gripe was the tea-tray, now, I realise that this might not sound like a big deal, but I’ve stayed in cheaper hotels with much better tea trays. At Jury’s Inn I got four tea bags, four sachets of coffee and some sugar, sweetener and milk. So really it’s a good job I like tea and coffee! Most other places I’ve stayed there’s been tea, fruit/herbal tea, coffee, hot chocolate, a bottle of water, sugar, sweeteners and biscuits. It’s just a nice touch. There’s also no provision for putting your teaspoon or used tea bag to one side, yes the tea bag can go straight in to the bin but then you’re faced with putting a hot, wet spoon onto a polished surface.

Breakfast at the Jury’s Inn is amazing! There’s fruit, cereal, mini croissants, mini pain au chocolat, porridge, bread, jam & butter and pancakes with maple syrup. They also have all the bits for a hot breakfast, and vegetarian sausages as well. So, obviously it had to be done! I had pancakes, bacon, egg and a hash brown with maple syrup.

So would I stay at the Jury’s Inn again? Yes I probably would, but for me it’s a one night stay when I’m away on business, not a holiday. That’s just because I’m not really in to big and posh, I prefer little B&Bs run by a nice couple or family.

Would I recommend staying there? Yes, if you like what you’ve read then by all means go and stay! It’s nice, it’s comfy, it’s just not really me.

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