Ravage by Iain Rob Wright


So I’ve just finished reading The Walking Dea……I mean Ravage! How did horror’s Mr Wright go oh so wrong?!

I should mention now that this was a free review copy so I don’t know whether it’s been updated since, however, the copy I had was absolutely littered with typos. Not only is there misspelt words, but there are also words missing in places making it quite difficult to read. I have discussed this with someone who bought their copy from Amazon and apparently it does have the same issue.

This is a real gripe I have with many Indie Authors, getting spellings right and making sure it makes sense is purely having pride in your work. If you expect someone to buy your work, for god’s sake, at least run spell check!

The story starts ok, but as you read on it seems to lapse into American. A couple of times I double checked that it was indeed set in England.

Another gripe.. please, please, if you cannot write in accents..DON’T. The accents written in this book do not come across correctly. If you’re going to try to write in an accent, sound it out first and then write it. The big problem is, if you get it wrong, you simply come across a bit racist.

There are no particularly likeable characters in this book. I really wanted to like them, but they are all decidedly horrible people on at least one occasion throughout the story. I realise that a zombie apocalypse would probably cause all of us to turn on at least one friend or acquaintance, the pressure is on to survive, tempers flare, people try to become the leader of the pack, I get that.

The only characters in this book who have unusual names are those with a shady past, I’m not sure if that was accidental or whether it was done on purpose. Even the other foreign people in this book have mainstream, English names.

I do realise that every author likes a plot twist, but this is the most ridiculous plot twist I’ve ever seen, the characters act like Bond villains and good god these people are hard to kill! In most zombie stories the people die very easily and the zombies take a bit of doing, but these characters just keep bouncing back!

If anybody wants to talk about any of the points I’ve made then I will happily answer you privately via rebbiereviews@outlook.com however I think it would be unfair to spoil any of the story for those who want to read it.

If you want to buy the book you can get it here;


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