Rose and Crown, Derby – Great Food Pubs

Rose and Crown

Whilst I was in Derby with my Boyfriend this Hallowe’en, we stayed in a hotel near the Rose and Crown Pub in Chellaston. We weren’t entirely sure about the pub as we first approached. We were in a town where we didn’t belong, looking at a pub which clearly had a party in full swing. However, it was better than sitting on the side of the road with a bag of chips!

So, in we went. This pub had gone all out for hallowe’en, it was decorated, there was a DJ and the tables cleared to the sides for a mini disco which the kids were absolutely loving! All of the staff and most of the punters were dressed up and the atmosphere was amazing. Although a little loud near the bar and DJ, it was comfortable enough to sit and chat over a meal. The bar staff were extremely friendly and we could not have been made to feel more welcome!

We ordered two curries which came with poppadums and mango chutney and they were lovely. The one my Boyfriend ordered was called “Hotter than Hell” and whilst he had declared that it would be mild, he then wrenched my pint out of my hand and swallowed it in one. Just to show you how hot this curry must have been, I have never seen my boyfriend do that, we have a cupboard full of hot sauces with names like “100% Pain” and he has numerous bottles and potions in the kitchen with Naga in the name! This is the first time we’ve ever found anywhere that can cook something that my boyfriend thinks is hot!

We enjoyed our trip to the Rose and Crown so much that we revisited it the day after where we ate the aptly named great food and test drove a couple of Fishbowls. I would recommend trying out the sex on the beach fishbowl.

If I ever happen to be in Chellaston again I will definitely be revisiting this pub for a bite to eat and possibly a fishbowl or two!

The pub can be found on Derby Road, just after the turn off for High Street in Chellaston.

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