The Lawns Hotel, Chellaston, Derby.

The Lawns

I recently stayed in The Lawns Hotel in Derby and unfortunately, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Upon arrival we went into the pub and approached the bar, not knowing where we should check in. The barman advised me to go and speak to the girl who was standing by the till and as we approached she went in to the back for something. A minute later the barman told her we were waiting.

I gave her my name and she handed me a key and asked “Do you want me to show you to your room?”. No, I wanted to wander aimlessly around the pub looking for it! I told her yes please and she took us upstairs, told us that was our room and that we could have our cream tea whenever, and bolted. We didn’t have a book in the room to tell us any information, such as when breakfast is, when check out is, wifi information or what’s in the surrounding area.

The bed was a double divan, which wasn’t lined up and one of the wheels was broken. After pulling the bed into line and clipping it together, I realised that I couldn’t fix the wheel so we agreed we’d have to tell someone about that to see if anything could be done. My boyfriend called me in to our ensuite and I immediately saw what he was talking about, the grouting in the shower was grotty and it didn’t look like it had been cleaned in a long time, let alone since the last occupant. The bedroom was so dusty it was unreal, featuring real cobwebs and thick dust on the television, wall clock, framed paintings and curtain rail.

We headed out to dinner after this realisation as it had put us off of sitting in the room. When we came back it was around 9pm so I went and asked the lady at the till whether someone could look at the bed in the morning. She said the owner was there now and would come up immediately and to his credit he fixed the bed quickly and asked if everything else was ok. I explained that actually the cleaning wasn’t up to stratch and he promised to have it looked at the next day.

We returned to the hotel after a day of shopping to find that nothing had changed, except the curtains were open, some air freshener had been sprayed, and a towel which I had found a brown stain on had been replaced… with another stained towel.

We went downstairs to have our cream tea and then went off out for drinks and food again that evening. Coming in from our drinks, we bumped in to the owner of the hotel who asked if our room was ok now. We told him it hadn’t changed and he looked particularly unimpressed, telling us that he was told there would be a deep clean in there.

The next morning was check out time so we went downstairs to eat breakfast before travelling home, sitting in the restaurant area I noticed that the lights were each filled with dust and dead flies, the carpet had bits of something all over it so clearly hadn’t been hoovered, and on my way back to our room I saw that there was a lone chip on the floor from the previous night.

Cleanliness is so important in the hotel and food industry and I found that this was a real shame. The owner of this hotel really does seem to care about things being done right but he needs to kick his staff in to touch. It’s not appropriate to have rooms that dirty and it certainly isn’t appropriate to have an unclean eating area.

I won’t be returning to this hotel as it was a huge disappointment for me having been really excited about visiting, but I do hope that this hotel improves because it could be a really lovely stay.

There was one barman there who I have to say was excellent, he was always friendly and happy to help. I believe that his name is Adam and he recently celebrated a milestone birthday! Happy Belated Birthday and thank you for your service Adam!

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