Herbert West- Reanimator by HP Lovecraft

herbert west reanimator

Reading this book was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year! I knew I liked the concept of the story anyway having watched the 1985 movie directed by Stuart Gordon. This may come as a surprise to those of you who have come to know me, but I had never actually read a HP Lovecraft story before now.

We do have the hardback copy of the complete works, but I bought it again on Kindle so that I could read it wherever I was. My job has been taking me to different places lately so it’s good to have plenty to read on the train.

HP Lovecraft The Complete Collection

I love HP Lovecraft’s writing style. Everything comes across so calm and clear that you can picture everything in the book. It’s nice to read something so eloquent, I have no problem with Indie Authors (some have even come to be friends of mine) but many indie books seem to be so full of swearing and dialect that it can sometimes degrade the story. You don’t find that with HP Lovecraft, yes I realise that it was a different time and a different world but hey, call me traditional.

The book was originally published in segments in a news paper so every now and then you find bits are recapped but it doesn’t harm the story. In fact it helps it because it’s written in such a style that the character is revealing his past exploits to you. I think that Jeffrey Combs really grasped the character of Herbert West, a student and later a Dr at the Miskatonic University, in the 1985 movie and director Stuart Gordon did Lovecraft proud. There are obvious differences between the movie and the book but not so much that either one is ruined. I think that it was adapted in such a way that you can enjoy both versions time and time again.

I will definitely be reading more Lovecraft so keep watching because I have a huge book of stories to get through. I’m a fan and I think you will be too, so go and give his work a go!

You can get the complete collection here;


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