In Chains by Michelle Abbott

In Chains

I picked up this book on a Sunday morning when I figured I could get away with a chapter before I got on with housework. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it because it’s not really my kind of book, the next thing I knew I was at 90% and dashing around the house to get things done!

I absolutely love the storyline. I’ve been reading it like it’s in the future because it gives me the idea of a not too distant future where slavery is once again accepted because we’ve managed to find a presumed dead race to exploit. However, it may not be set in the future, everything else is very much in the present.

The book is really very well written, the imagery is fantastic and the way the author brings across the thoughts and feelings of her characters really pulls you in to the story. I was a little reserved because I knew there was an erotic element to this book and generally I get bored reading that stuff, but that element in this story works pretty well. The story could stand up just fine without it and it’s not that it’s essential to the story but it’s also broken up really nicely and you don’t get lumbered with pages upon pages of sex.

The next book in the In Chains series is called Locked Together, it’s not the next one on my list but I’m going to read it anyway because I’m dying to know what happens to Kayden and Savannah next!

That’s a big enough spoiler in itself so I’ll go no further with that, you need to read the book if you want to know more and I promise, anybody who likes Romance stories will love it, those of you who don’t, well you might like it too! I don’t generally like Romance either but this one isn’t a girly romance.

If you’d like to buy the book you can get it here;

At the point of posting this review it’s only 79p to buy and it’s well worth the price! So even if you’re unsure why not give it a whirl?

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One Response to In Chains by Michelle Abbott

  1. Thanks so much for your awesome review. I’m so glad you enjoyed ‘In Chains.’ I love that you review both books & pubs/hotels on your blog. I’ll be checking back.

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