Locked Together by Michelle Abbott

Locked Together

Having thoroughly enjoyed the first book “In Chains” I had to find out what happened to our characters next so I moved straight on to the second book. I’m so glad I did, these books are not difficult to read, they’re difficult to put down.

I haven’t been able to read “just one chapter” of this book any of the times I’ve picked it up, and these attempts include almost freezing to death in the bath!

This book does have a few more typos than the previous one, but to be fair I think the one I have may have been a review copy so the actual one may not have these issues. Even if it does, they don’t detract from the story line and once you’re on to the second book it’s not really about that anyway, it’s about finding out what happens to Savannah and Kayden. There’s a lot of action in this one but I won’t tell you why because it will ruin the story.

Some of the twists are easy to spot but they’re not supposed to be that well hidden, the story is still gripping and the pay off is well worth it.

Again, I’m not really a romance person but this isn’t too girly and there’s not an excessive amount of sex in it. That’s why I generally avoid this type of book, pages upon pages of sex doesn’t interest me and it’s amazing how some people can be the absolute opposite of erotic when they try to write it!

Michelle Abbott pulls it off really well and given that that’s the part I’m not interested in it doesn’t make the story drag, it supports it where it should and it doesn’t get stale.

I would definitely recommend both In Chains and Locked Together to anybody who likes a good romance, a little erotica and a gripping storyline.

If you’d like to get the book you can get it here;


Michelle also has a website if you’d like to check it out;


Happy Reading!

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  1. Thanks so much for yet another awesome review 🙂

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