The Pasta Bar, Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield

Pasta Bar

We recently visited The Pasta Bar on Sharrow Vale Road in Sheffield (situated just behind ecclesall road). We’d been told by a few different people that this place was very good and so when we were invited along we thought we’d give it a go.

This place has a very limited menu, which is all very well but I thought when I heard the name Pasta Bar, there would be a menu of all different types of pasta, like when you go to a cocktail bar. This is not the case, there are about four pasta dishes, three flavours of pizza and one choice of steak. The only steak they do is a 14oz Rib Eye, which is a cut I generally don’t go for. In this case I opted for the Christmas Menu instead, as the Christmas Menu had Braised Beef Cheek, cheek is something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time (inspiration for this being Hannibal, funnily enough, as I learned from those films that cheek is a very tender meat) this was served with mashed potatos, roasted carrot batons and gravy. That meal was hands down the most british thing I have eaten in an italian restaurant. If I’m really honest, it tasted like it had been microwaved. The beef, though tender, tasted somewhat cold and probably could have used being slightly pink in the middle, the mash had that almost sticky texture to it and had formed a fine skin, much like the pots of premade mash which you just throw in the microwave for a minute or two. Overall it tasted very much like Fray Bentos. So at least next time you’re tucking in to your budget fray bentos pie, you can be assured that it’s good beef!

The other courses we tried were the Portobello Mushroom stuffed with ricotta and gorgonzolla cheese, this was nice but definitely needed some garlic to bind the flavours, and I had the orange and chocolate torte with ice cream for desert, when it reached me the icecream was already melted so I think it may have been the end of the batch because it didn’t even taste cool, and the orange was a little over powering but all in all it had the most flavour out of the whole of my meal.

For me, this restaurant is over priced for the quality of the food, my beef cheek honestly tasted like fray bentos, and my partner’s pheasant was overpowered by the flavour of pork stuffing and tasted very much like an iceland roast. Both of which are good, but not when you’re paying £20 per head.

The best part of our visit was probably the wine, however our first two choices of wine were off the menu because they had run out.

Overall a great deal style over substance and although I smelt garlic I didn’t taste it even once and that’s disappointing for an italian restaurant.

I won’t visit again because I just didn’t enjoy it and I feel the menu is way too limited.

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